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Have a child's birthday coming up? This check ✔️ list could be for you

⭐️Venue- be it at home, village hall, organised party place, such as soft play, day out- cinema with friends, theme park trip.. this is one of the first things you need to decide and secure

⭐️ Date- this is generally dictated by the above ⬆️⬆️ if the venue is available then secure your date asap! Always consider/try and avoid public holidays, also if your like me with three children's birthdays in August! People are likely to be away 😕 so maybe consider a party with friends before school breaks up?

⭐️ Who's Invited- this is always a tricky one, is it the whole class? A select few? Do you let your child decide who they would like? Numbers are often dictated to you at organised venues so this makes it easier.

⭐️ Times ⏲️ this is another biggy to consider, are you looking to cater for the children? If so consider the time well. Younger children will have generally been up for hours by the time it gets to lunchtime! So maybe have the party 11-1pm for example this way you can have the food in the middle and they can have a play. I do always wonder about the 2-4pm times, speaking from experience of three children, have they already eaten? Are they really going to want to eat again at 2pm? If you are having entertainment speak to the entertainer or venue they will have experience of how it works well timing wise.

⭐️ Entertainment - leading on from above what Entertainment will you have? Are you booking someone? Will you be planning games to keep them entertained? Do you need prizes for any games?

⭐️ Catering- will the venue be providing catering? Do you need to pre order? Do you want to do the catering yourself? Will you be getting someone else to cater? Get a few quotes to compare, I would say this for all occasions. You may think that doing your own will be better, budget it, write and list and weigh up the options. Don't forget TIME is always tight on party day, unless you have an army of people to help, sometimes it's just easier to get someone to do it. Quite a lot of supermarkets do buffets and check your local caterers out, often some very reasonable prices.

To be continued......

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